• 45-Ayats Quran Sheet x 3

Quran Sheet printed with food colour for dissolving into 20 litres of water ready for use drinking, sprinkling in the home and drinking. 45-Ayats against Sehr and complete Surah Baqarah are printed on a single double-sided A4 sheet.

Pack Includes:

    • 3 x 45-Ayats
    • Sheets may be printed in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or Black Edible ink.
    • Quran Sheet
    • Full instructions

    • Drink at least one Litre of water daily
    • Use 2-Litres for Bathing
    • Use some for spraying your home
    • Use Quranic water for your daily cooking needs
    • One Sheet should last for five days.

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45-Ayats Quran Sheet x 3

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