• Olive Oil with Rue Oil Peppermint Oil and Musk Fragrance.

A 92ml bottle of Olive Oil to be used as a remedy against sorcery.

The pack contains three bottles.

1. Infused peppermint oil

2. Infused with Rue oil

3. Infused with Musk fragrance.



1. Rue - Ruta graveolens: - commonly known as Rue, common rue or herb-of-grace or sudhab in Arabic. It is used as a small amount to take a bath with or mixing the oil with olive oil to rub on the body.
Rue oil is known to be effective and shown positive results in the calming or prevention of epileptic tremors/fits caused by Jinn.

2. Peppermint essential oil: - It is very effective when the Jinn causes headaches or pain in certain parts of the body. After taking the Ruqya bath massage your head and massage all over your body before reading Ruqya for oneself.

3. Musk: - Mainly used as a remedy for evil eye and sorcery. It is mixed with olive oil to prevent the harm from the obsessive lustful jinn that rapes during sleep. It also helps in relieving bodily muscular pains and aches.

Instructions for Use

Apply the Ruqyah oil to the whole body after every Ruqyah Ghusal and before going to bed. Put Ruqyah oil deep into your ears & nose in the morning & before going to bed using earbud. Spouses can apply the oil on each other by applying deep tissue massage, as the oil is applied read Fatiha, Ayatul-Kursi, the three Quls and blow on the area being massaged.

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Olive Oil with Rue Oil Peppermint Oil and Musk Fragrance.

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