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How to Prepare Senna Leaf Tea

Senna leaf tea is a very refreshing drink, but please read understand advantages and disadvantages of senna before consumption.

What is Senna Makhi

Eaten Sehr


  • Quarter Teaspoon of pure Senna Leaves
  • 300ml of Water
  • Sugar or Honey to taste


Boil water and steep senna leaves for 10 minutes

Strain into a cup for drinking

Add Sugar or Honey to taste.

Drink warm and enjoy.

Senna has an impact on your bowels so it is best not to consume too much.

1. When you brew small qty, it will come out green and this is normal for weight loss
2. When you brew a big qty, it will come out red and this is for Black Magic and Constipation

Please remember, Senna tea dehydrates you so ensure to drink water during the day to replenish