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Full Ruqya Treatment Method

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Ruqya Treatment Method as recommended by experience is listed on this page.

The most basic form of Ruqya is to recite Surah Fatiha and blow hard on family members, especially the children. And this should be done on a daily basis and from the day a child is born.

You can improve by reciting the Muawwizat.

You may also recite the manzil ayats during the morning and evening.

Please start this practice with your family and friends immediately and let other people know so that they too can benefit.

You also need to get into the habit of reciting all the regular Adhkar found in HISN-UL-MUSLIM. eg. Reciting the Dua’s for entering the home, leaving home, eating, going to the toilet etc. These keep the jinn away.


You can try to perform the treatment yourself. You need to be surrounded by Quran and complete cleanliness for at least 21-days.

First of all, Remove any form of amulets (taweez etc.) from your person and your home, and make sincere repentance.

  • Recite RUQYA SHARIYAH and blow onto
    • about 40 litres of water in a clean container
    • about 100 agarbati (incense stick).
      (Ensure Halal Agarbati)
    • Pot of Honey
    • Olive Oil
    • Senna Leaves
    • Sidr Leaves (Ziziphus leaf)
    • Bottle of Atar (Islamic perfume)

(everyone in the family can recite and blow onto the above items)

  • Use the blessed water to make Senna Leaves Tea and drink 30-minutes before breakfast for 6-days. Add blessed honey to taste.
  • Drink at least 1-litre of blessed water during the course of the day
  • Use Blessed water for your daily cooking


  • Prepare yourself to take a shower at Maghrib time
    • Take into the Bathroom:
      • 1.5 litres of blessed water in a jug (you can warm it beforehand)
      • One Agarbati or incense cone and a lighter
      • Olive Oil
    • Take a shower as normal.
    • massage yourself with Blessed water. Continue reciting Bismillah repeatedly as you pour the water over you. (water must not go down the toilet)
    • Dry yourself and massage all areas of pain with Olive oil.
    • Now wear a jilbab (or thawb) (with No under clothes)
    • Take one agarbati/incense cone, light it and put it in a suitable container and put the container on the floor
    • Stand over this agarbati/Incense Cone to let the smoke fumigate you. (do this for approx. 10-mins)
  • Apply atar
  • Light agarbati around your home
  • Take blessed water into a sprinkling bottle and spray your home from front to back and bottom to top. Especially the doors and windows.
    • Spray every room including the bathroom (Avoid the toilet)
    • Spray your bedding and your linen.
    • Wash your clothes with blessed water.
  • Download the following dua sheets and recite as instructed:

As you are using blessed water for everything, you will need to top it up regularly and furthermore, you will need to recite daily and keep blowing on it. Ask your family to help as much as possible.

Amal before Sleeping: Please follow these instructions Catch Jinn in Your Sleep

This procedure is for at least 21-days. You will notice symptoms dying down. Thereafter, you must continue with this treatment on a regular basis but perhaps just once or twice a week rather than on a daily basis.

In the course of 21-days, you will need someone to recite Ruqya Ayats (item 4 or 5). During this recitation, you may feel pain in parts of your body. These are the areas where sehr is affecting you. You will need Hijama (cupping) treatment to be performed at a local clinic. Download the Treatment Programme, mark the areas where you feel pain and ask the practitioner to perform cupping at those points. Remember to recite Ruqya during cupping.

Lastly, we offer a jinn catching service. You can fill in the form for Jinn Catching. This service is FREE.

If your symptoms are severe then we will offer you a personal Jinn Catching service where your progress will be monitored, but it will only be effective if you follow the above instructions thoroughly.


You will need to order one of the treatment packs to follow the 21-day treatment program. Instructions will be included:

I hope this information is clear to understand and that it is to your benefit to recite ruqyah for your family and to benefit from the treatment offered.

Increase your trust in Allah, increase your prayer activity, be more assertive in asking for repentance from Allah and follow the treatment precisely as described.

Please remember, sehr is only effective by the will of Allah swt and the Cure is only by the will of Allah. We can only but help by using the techniques and methods described by the Quran and Hadith.

Most patients are cured of the illness within a very short period whilst for others, it can take many months. You have to show patience.