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How to Prepare Quranic Water

Quranic Water is Blessed Water prepared by reciting verses of the Quran and blowing on to it.

Ideally for ultimate protection, all surahs of the Holy Quran are to be recited and blown onto water. Members of family can share the recitation.

You may download the 45-ayats sheet  (item no.3) and recite each verse 11-times onto a large bucket of water. In-Sha-Allah this will suffice for the treatment. Use this water for bathing, drinking, cooking, sprinkling etc and keep topping up as necessary.

Thereafter, whenever you or any member of your family recites any part the Holy Quran, simply blow onto the remaining water in the bucket t keep it blessed to maximum.

This practices will help reduce and eliminate the effects of Sehr, evil Eye and Jinn Possession.