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Marriage in Islam


They are clothing for you and you are clothing for them (2:187)

Marriage is done for four reasons:

  • Wealth
    Businesses can collapse and Big balances can be reduced to zero by Allah’s will.
  • Looks and Beauty.
    Someone may be very pretty but do they have the character? In due course, as time passes, beauty may lead to ugliness
  • Lineage / Status
    A person may hold a high status in society or in the community. It may be due to family lineage holding a high status, but due to a small error, on anyone’s part, this can be easily lost.
  • Deen – Religion, Character, Conduct
    The best choice is the reason of Faith. When someone has a good character, a good conduct and they are steadfast in their religion, you will automatically find beauty in them. You will be to create a status in your community and by working closely together; you will be able to build up wealth both in monetary terms and good faith In Sha Allah.

What is meant exactly by this?

The literal meaning is that the married couple are a clothing for each other meaning that the husband and wife should conceal each other’s secrets, bad habits etc.

But the other meaning is that your marriage partner should be compatible with you. Just as you wear your favourite dress and feel proud on how nice you look in it, so it should be about your partner.

You should be able to find serenity in them.

You need to feel proud when you are together.

Choose a partner who will be caring and understanding. Someone who will help you follow the path of Islam.

Choose a partner who will be able to correct you in matters of faith, leading to piety. You will be helping each other to enter Jannah.