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Quranic Sheet to make Quranic Water

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How to make Quranic Water

I wanted to ask u about making Quranic Water also known as ruqya water.I could not get big 60-80 or 20 litre drum to store water. So I wanted to know that is it ok if I take a large cooking pot, fill it with water and put the pages one by one. when the water is going to finish I put more and in this way I complete 21 days.


It is important to follow the treatment in the right manner and to use the water in correct way.

You do not want the solution to be too strong. The sheets are printed with edible ink. Even they are safe to consume, you will not want to consume too much in one go.

Fill the large pot with water (measure the litres) – lets say it is 10 litres

Dissolve all the sheets as per instructions.
Water will be very dark. This means that the solution is too strong
To use this water, you will take 120ml from the pot and add 800ml from the tap.
this will make the solution just right to use for drinking and other purposes

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Edible Ink Ingredients


  • glycerol E422
  • brilliant black E151
  • sunset yellow E110
  • quinoline yellow E104
  • 1.2 propandiol E1520
  • citric acid E330


  • glycerol E422
  • tartrazine E102 preservative
  • 1.2 propandiol E1520
  • citric acid E330
  • .
  • .


  • glycerol E422
  • brilliant blue E133
  • preservative
  • 1.2 propandiol E1520
  • citric acid E330
  • .


  • glycerol E422
  • azorubine E122
  • ponceau red 4r E124
  • 1.2 propandiol E1520
  • citric acid E330
  • .

Inks we use are made in Germany and entirely from EU approved food ingredients.

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  1. Amreen khanum // March 9, 2015 at 4:16 am //

    Can we take gusl with ruqya water at the time of periods

  2. Salam,can we order the halal ink & paper?i cannot find it at your online shop..any links? thank you..

  3. Helmand Obeid // October 28, 2016 at 1:16 am //

    السلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللہ
    CAN we print the quranice sheet from the normal printer and really items ruqya verses on quran water if edible ink is not available

  4. Can we download n print Quran sheets ourselves using edible ink? Also how can we get printer to use all the colours evenly n not just black ink?

  5. Hi im deaf .free copy of quran paper sheet send me please thank u

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