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Ruqya Downloads

1 Complete Quran for Dilution Full Quran (8-Double sided A4 Sheets) to be diluted in 60-80 litres of water for drinking, sprinkling in the home and bathing, bathing and cooking.
Sufficient for a 21-Day Treatment program.

2 45-Ayats Quran Sheet Quran Sheet for dissolving into 10 litres of water ready for use drinking, sprinkling in the home, bathing and cooking. 45-Ayats against Sehr and complete Surah Baqarah are printed on a single double-sided A4 sheet.
Sufficient for 5-Day Treatment.
3 45-Ayats to Recite 45-Ayats against Sehr (Black Magic) in large format make it easier to recite and blow on the patient. Each ayat has Quranic references and translations.
4  Ruqyaphonetique Ruqya verses in Arabic to English transliteration for those who cannot read Arabic.
5  verses to read on patient and product Ruqya verses in Arabic.
6 Verses for capturing Jinn verses for capturing jinn
7 Treatment programme_1 Diagnostics sheet to identify the type of magic.
8 Treatment programme_2 The treatment programme, Daily amal, Duas and how to identify a magician.
9 English Ruqya Book English Ruqya book authored by Sheikh Abder Raouf Ben Halima
10 Ruqyah amal Ruqya amal for morning and evening
11 Daily Duas Simple Duas for daily recitation
12 CANDLE TREATMENT Candle treatment to burn troublesome jinn in your home
13 Manzil “The Thirty-Three Verses”. They are recommended by Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) for protection against calamities.
14 45-Ayats Printed Individually for Dilution The 45-Ayats against Sehr have been printed individually and repeated many times on two A4 sheets. These are intended for printing with edible ink and diluting in water. This is a good remedy for treating black magic. Each ayat has been referenced and labeled so you can choose the one you wish to dissolve. Available for purchase from our online shop TO BE PRINTED WITH EDIBLE INK AND THEN DILUTED

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