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Catch Jinn during your sleep

halima, curse, jinn, magic

You must feel strong and brave and have a firm belief that Allah will help you to fight the evil attacking you.

  1. The main member of the household must recite Azan 7-times in every room of the house.
  2. Everyone may recite ayat-ul-kursi continuously.
  3. Recite fourth kalima abundantly (recommended 100 times in the morning and 100 times in the evening)
  4. When you are ready to sleep, recite three times each:
    • Ayat-ul-kursi, Surah Ikhlass, Surah Falaq and surah Annas
    • Blow onto your hands and rub over your body from head to toe.
    • Lift the blanket from your bed and dust the bedsheet with your hand.
    • Lie in your bed and recite 100 times, ayat 148 of Surah Baqrah
      ‘Ayna Mā Takūnū Ya’ti Bikumu Al-Lahu Jamī`āan ‘Inna Al-Laha `Alá Kulli Shay’in Qadīrun

halima, magic, curse, jinn

Insha-Allah, you will have a safe and sound sleep and it is highly likely that you will see a strange dream. Whether a happy or frightening dream, immediately clasps your hands and recite ayat-ul-kursi and blow on the jinn or another object in view until the dream finishes.

you may recite:

“A’udhu bi kalimati’llahi’t-tammati min ghadabihi wa ‘iqabihi wa sharri ‘ibadihi wa min hamazati’sh-shaytatin wa an yahdurun.”