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What is Black Magic?

Definition of Black Magic as found in Oxford dictionary:

involving the supposed invocation of evil spirits for evil purposes

Magic also referred to as
Witchcraft, Sorcery, Devilry, White Magic

Magic is a pagan practice involving worshiping evil spirits, asking for their assistance, to bring about destruction of a person.

As magic involves shirk (an act of worshiping Jinns and Deities rather than Allah), anyone practicing magic will be out of the realms Islam.

To perform Black Magic, the magician will sign a pact with the Jinn to mutually fulfill the task of destroying someone’s life. This could be to stop someone from marrying, to destroy a happily married couples life, to stop a woman from conceiving, to ruin ones business, to block ones life from progress etc. Motive behind all this would be envy, jealousy, hatred or revenge.

What are the symptoms?

If you are suffering from any of the possible symptoms listed above, first and foremost medical advice must be sought. If science does not have an answer to your problem, then it is possible  that you are afflicted with Black Magic.

It can make you scared in your own home and it can put you in you difficult situations like not being able to sleep, having nightmares, having sleep paralysis and even being scared of your own shadow. you may feel that you are being stalked, someone following you, someone by side, someone watching you etc.

Remember you will only be affected by Black Magic by Allah will as stated in Quran 2:102

How Can we test for Black Magic?

Ruqya, in addition to other treatment, is an Islamic solution to Black Magic, and it is completely safe. It involves recitation of selected Quranic ayahs against Black Magic.

Reciting Ruqya on the patient will bring out signs of Black Magic. During recitation patient may feel pain in various parts of body, itching, heat, coldness, trembling, uneasiness or even movement of ant-like objects inside ones body but more commonly in the stomach or the head.

Once these signs are identified, treatment can be prescribed.

What is the cure for an affected person?

Prayers and Patience are the cure for one afflicted with Black Magic.

  • Refrain from all aspects of Shirk
  • Practice more worship
  • Make sincere repentance
  • Have Ruqya Recited several times
  • Follow instruction on treatment pages
  • Have someone recite Ruqya upon you