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Book a Ruqya Session

Ruqya session – You may book an online One-to-One Ruqya session to fight the effects of Black Magic, Evil eye and Jealousy.

at one of the time slots offered. If your choice of time slot is not offered then please email us for selecting a suitable time.
All appointment times offered are UK times (GMT).

Please remember to translate them to your local time.

Online Ruqya Instructions,

  • I will ask you to have a large bowl of ice-cold blessed water in which you will dip your feet up to your ankles.
  • You will be in state of wudu
  • I will make the Quranic recitation loudly.
  • You will close your eyes and listen attentively
  • At one point during recitation, I will ask you to say Bismillah and breath in and hold your breath for about 15 seconds then breath out saying Allah-ho-Akbar
  • You will repeat this several times under instructions.
  • I will continue to make recitation.
  • If at any time during the recitation, you have any kind of vision, Please inform me.
  • I will recite according to what you see.
  • You will recite ayat-ul-kursi in your mind and blow on the object with the intention of destroying it.

The whole session could last from between one and two hours.

I hope these instructions are clear to understand.

If you have further questions, please send an email.


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