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Sehr Muhabbah (Love Magic)

Many people suffer from loneliness, despair, anxiety, depression, burning sensation near the heart, insomnia, Anorexia and so forth. Doctors may not find health issues with the patient yet they would prescribe anti-depressant tablets for temporary relief. Many factors can lead to these symptoms but are most commonly noticed after the demise of a loved one, loss of job, break up of marriage and financial issues.

Anti-depressants work by balancing chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters that affect mood and emotions. These depression medicines can help improve your mood, help you sleep better, and increase your appetite and concentration. But they may not be the solution to your problem.

Furthermore, the above symptoms can also be found in people who have a passionate affection for another person but are lacking happiness in their life. They are not able to be close to them or they cannot reach out to them for any reason. They need to hear words of care and gratitude. They need to be embraced and to be given the the feeling of being wanted. It is the extreme feeling of missing someone that puts your mind in a state of confusion. You wish to cry, but you cannot. you wish to be happy, but you do not see the reason. This is being over-whelmed with love yet the absence of it.

Al-Ladhīna ‘Āmanū Wa Taţma’innu Qulūbuhum Bidhikri Al-Lahi ‘Alā Bidhikri Al-Lahi Taţma’innu Al-Qulūbu

“Only in the remembrance of Allah (swt) will your heart find peace”
Quran (Surah 13: Verse 28)


When Hazrat Yusuf was seduced by the wife of the king, He made the dua to keep distance…

Qāla Rabbi As-Sijnu ‘Aĥabbu ‘Ilayya Mimmā Yad`ūnanī ‘Ilayhi Wa ‘Illā Taşrif `Annī Kaydahunna ‘Aşbu ‘Ilayhinna Wa ‘Akun Mina Al-Jāhilīna

He said, “My Lord, prison is more desirable to me than what they call me to. Unless You turn their scheming away from me, I may yield to them, and become one of the ignorant.”

Quran (Surah 12: Verse 33)


Sehr Muhabbah or the Love Magic forces one to love another. Quite naturally it is not possible to force love, but foolish ones will approach the magicians to cast a spell on the man or woman they wish to marry. This sehr can have adverse affects on the mind of person being spell cast.

There is also a demonic possession by an AASHIQ JINN; A jinn who falls in love with the person. An Aashiq Jinn will block the marriage of the person becuase he will feel jealous towards you being associated with another person.

In all instances, it is important to engage oneself in zikr of Allah.



Recite the following at least 11 times onto water and Olive and use regularly as prescribed on other pages.

  • Istighfar
  • Surah Faitha
  • Ayat-ul Kursi
  • surah al-Baqara 285-286
  • Sura (Ikhlas
  • Salawat 11x – the shortest is “Allah humma sa lee ‘a la Muhammad wa ‘ala a lee wa sah be he wa ba rick wa sa leem”
  • Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim 33x
  • “SubhanAllah wal hamdulillah wa la ilaa ha illallah hu wallah hu Akbar” 33x
  • Ayat-ul Kursi 1x – repeat the end part “wa la ya u du hu hif zu huma wa huwal ‘A lee yul ‘A zeem” 33x
  • Sura (2) al-Baqara 17 33x
  • Sura (2) al-Baqara 18 33x
  • Sura (23) Mu’minoon 115 33x
  • Sura (55) Ar-Rahman 33 33x
  • Salawat 11x